So, are you ready to purchase a hot tub?

Well, let us give you surprising reasons you should pull the trigger and buy a brand new hot tub & with facts to back it up! 1. The relaxation in my opinion is so vital to our healthy lifestyle. The multiple jets are there for your sore achy muscle. Many are positioned perfectly and will […]

Hydrotherapy Helps Relive Arthritic Pain

How does hydrotherapy help? Hydrotherapy can help you in a number of different ways: The warmth of the water allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain in your joints, helping you to exercise. The water supports your weight, which helps to relieve pain and increase the range of movement of your joints. The […]

Save $1,000 On Artesian Elite Black Friday Special

STATE-OF-THE-ART HYDROTHERAPY EXPERIENCE  Over the last 30+ years, Artesian Spas has earned a reputation for high quality hot tubs with innovative features not found in other spas.  Headquarted in Las Vegas, Nevada, Artesian has resisted the lure of cheap labor and the lack of EPA regulations associated moving their production facilities to Mexico.  They believe that American craftsmanship cannot be replicated across […]

Island Spas Save $700 + Free Delivery, Cover, Steps, and Setup!

Island Spas by Artesian are the perfect blend of therapy, performance, and features Island Spas may be known for the powerful and therapeutic deep tissue massage of their Helix jets, but it’s the combination of multiple elements that make them the ultimate mind and body wellness product.  The relaxing sounds of a tranquil waterfall, the ambiance of […]

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