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Spa Maintenance

With our maintenance service, repairs are fewer and farther between, saving you even more money. We also take care of many services, giving you peace of mind about your hot tub. Spa maintenance service is just one of the ways we strive to go above and beyond for you. Maintenance is offered weekly, every other week, and once a month.

Spa Repair 

During the winter months, many in Wenatchee frequently use their hot tubs. For some, winter is the first time you have used it all year long, and if you find something wrong, Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa can help. We offer repairs on Artesian Spas. Our expert technicians will get your hot tub back in working order. Service call rate is $125 per hour.

Pool Maintenance

We expect our techs to clean, chemically test, and treat your pool. They will clean from the waterline tile where the bottom of your deck coping meets the top of the tile, down to the main drain. This includes: testing the water upon arrival, addition of any chemicals necessary to balance the pool, brushing the waterline tile to keep it free of algae, brushing the walls, brushing OR vacuuming the floor of the pool, and skimming the surface. Our tech will empty your skimmer basket and clean your filter and pump basket out at the equipment. The tech is also expected to add or discharge water as needed during his/her visit. A report of services provided with water chemistry results and any additional notes will be sent to you via email with your invoice. Communication to you, our valued customer, is very important. You may be asked to add additional water to the pool or wait to swim for a specified amount of time. Possible leaks and or equipment issues will be monitored by the tech and turned into the office at the end of their shift to be handled properly. Specialty treatments such as phosphate treatments, stain treatments, and black algae treatments or problem pools and clean-ups will be quoted and handled individually outside of the regular weekly service.

Heavy-Duty Pool Cleaning

Pools that are overly dirty as a result of screen/cage damage, deck/paver painting, re-sanding, & sealing, pressure washing, dead animals, animal or human waste, or any unusual circumstance outside the scope of the normal weekly clean, will require a scheduled service call. Work order quotes/costs will apply. TIP: When shopping for and scheduling a pressure wash service, ask if they include cleaning up the mess they send into the pool as part of their quote. Good companies will include that and we have some great contractors we could recommend.

Pool Repairs Service

Sometimes pool repairs can be costly and overwhelming. With Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa, we offer in-house financing with our exclusive Blue Lagoon credit card. We offer 24 months 0% financing OAC. So, we can make the necessary repairs and have your pool in working order without all the worry of upfront payment.  One of our experienced Service Technicians will give you a fair estimate and perform repairs you can trust. Service Call Fee is $125 per hour.

Pool Heater Repair Service

With the weather so beautiful in Wenatchee and surrounding area, our clients like to use their pools as soon as they can in the spring time and as late into the fall as possible.  Our specially trained Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa technicians can keep your heater working great and repair if the need arises. If you are interested in purchasing a pool heater, contact us today and we can recommend what type of heater based on your needs and pool size.

Pool Heating Pump Installation

Here in Wenatchee when the weather starts to cool down, many of us still like to use our Pools.  Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa can make that happen with a heat pump which extracts the heat from outside air, and then transfers the heat to the water.  Our trained technicians can help you fit your pool with the right heat pump for your pool.

Variable Speed Pump Repair/Installation

As of January 2020 all pumps must be 2 speed or variable pumps here in Washington State. Your pump keeps your pool clean by forcing all the water through your filters.  Pumps are an important component of your pool, so if you haven’t upgraded yet or your pump has quit working, call Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa at 888-7873.

Sand Changes

Changing out the sand in your sand filter can often be a difficult chore.  Here at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa, our technicians are trained to make this an easy process for both our commercial and residential customers.

Pool Tile Cleaning Service

Does your pool have stunning tile? Well, keeping it clean is a must.  If your tile is looking dull and dirty and needs to be professionally cleaned, we can do that for your here at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa.

Salt Systems

Salt systems are different from your standard pool.  They require special attention to maintain that healthy balance.  Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa trained technicians are here to help maintain and repair your salt system for your pool.

Pool Light Installation Service

Lights make your pool a beautiful glowing oasis at night.  Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa can keep your lights running so you won’t be left to swim in the dark.

Pool Pressure Washing Service

A buildup of algae, dirt and other bacteria in your swimming pool is a common problem.  Luckily, Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa can easily clean your pool inside and out with our Pressure Washing.  Cleaning your pool this way will save you energy and money as well.  Our technicians can make this an easy process.

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