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Hot Tub Moving

One of the best parts of the day for many is relaxing and soaking sore muscle in their hot tub after a busy day at work. Few things will bring more fun and excitement than having a fun night in your home spa with a handful of close friends or family. Few things will bring more stress than wondering what to do with your considerable investment when the time comes for you to move to another home. Don’t let the ultimate de-stressor became the ultimate stressor! We can move it! Additionally, if you purchased a used hot tub and would like it moved, we do that too. The extreme weight, huge size and irregular shape of your hot tub is surely overwhelming.

Hire us! Our services department is a top-rated hot tub company that has vast experience in transporting hot tubs between people’s homes. And in doing so, not only will your back and knees thank you later, but you can also be sure that your hot tub won’t be damaged during the transportation process. We have a specialty sap trailer and air bags to effortlessly lift your hot tub up on its side and transfer it to the spa trailer and over to its new home.

What if my hot tub is in a hard to reach location? That’s not a problem for our crew at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa. We have the ability to use a crane and carefully relocate the hot tub. Spa moves start at $500, and crane fees are additional. Call today for a free quote.




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