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Is your pool or spa in need of new equipment to keep it running efficiently and effectively? Blue Lagoon Pool & Spa is here to help! Whether you need a new pool heater to extend your swimming season, a reliable pool pump for optimal water circulation, a UV system for superior water clarity, or an advanced automation system to simplify pool management, we’ve got you covered.

Simply fill out the form below to submit your new equipment request. We will review your needs and provide you with the best options to enhance your pool’s performance and longevity. At Blue Lagoon Pool & Spa, we are dedicated to ensuring your pool or spa remains a source of enjoyment and relaxation for years to come. Let us help you maintain the perfect pool environment with top-quality equipment and professional service.

    New Equipment Request

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    At Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa, we believe in more than just pools and spas - we believe in creating spaces where memories flourish. With over a decade of combined experience, our team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge service to both our commercial and residential clients.

    Safety, innovation, and utmost professionalism are the pillars that uphold our commitment to you. We strive to not only provide you with exceptional service but also competitive pricing. Our aim? To ensure that you can focus more on cherished moments with your family and less on the intricacies of pool or spa maintenance.

    Whether you have a question or need guidance, we're always here to assist. Our reservoir of resources is designed to make your pool or spa experience seamless and enjoyable.


    The Vickery Family

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    These guys are great!! They don't mind spending their Saturdays educating us on testing our pool and instructing us how to care for our pool, what chemicals to add, and when! Amazing friendly service.


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