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Product Description

Introducing a breakthrough in sanitizing that comes ready to use on your hot tub.  With the built in FROG @ease Mineral Cartridge, you simply open the cap on your hot tub, snap in the conveniently adjustable cartridges and enjoy weeks of cleaner, clearer and softer water.

  • Contains (1) Mineral Cartridge
  • For the FROG @ease In-Line Sanitizing System
  • Kills bacteria with up to 75% less chlorine than ordinary systems
  • It’s so easy you only shock the hot tub once a month
  • The Mineral Cartridge lasts 3-4 months or whenever you drain your hot tub
  • No faded swimwear. No chlorine smell
  • No Mess No Guess. No Stress. No daily or weekly maintenance
  • FROG @ease uses FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology that creates Fresh Mineral Water®
  • SmartChlor® Cartridges sold separately


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