Aqua Flex 1 1/2 X 25 Vac Hose (1 in Stock)

Aqua Flex


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Product Description

Classic Aqua Flex 1 ½ Inch Pool Vacuum Hose – 1 ½” x 25″

A perfect afternoon at the pool doesn’t happen by accident. A lot of work goes into keeping your pool water clean and safe. So why would you let some errant debris spoil your poolside fun? With this ClearView 1 ½ inch pool vacuum hose, you don’t have to! This long, flexible hose works with your ClearView vacuum, so you can easily keep your pool water free of debris.

A Debris-Free Pool

This 1 ½ inch pool vacuum hose is built for the ClearView Aqua Flex vacuum. The durable, flexible hose reaches up to 25 feet, helping you reach those tight corners and deep areas of your pool floor. With this hose in your supply closet, you can look forward to a clean pool that is free of twigs, leaves, and other debris all year long.

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