Largest Residential Indoor Pool Since 1895

Pool Filled with Mountain Reservoir…..

The Largest Indoor Pool is Biltmore Estate pool. Built 1895. Asheville NC – boasts of being the largest private home in the USA. This 70,000 gallon pool is filled from a direct line to a mountain reservoir that was 2 miles away. Heated with steam from the houses boiler with the fire hose you see. The lights in the pool are DC lights and are original to the pool. Tile work was done by Raphael Guastavino who was known for his work at Grand Central Station, Boston public Library and Carnegie Hall.

After 3 days it had to be drained….

The ropes you see hanging in the second pic are for resting if you were tired of swimming. The pool has no filtration, circulation or chemicals. After three days and the biology experiment of heated pool water – they had to drain the pool, clean it and then refill and reheat for the next use. Sadly it no longer holds water but is there for all to see on the tour of the Biltmore Estate. This is definitely on our family’s vacation destination!

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