SD40 Sand Filter System 19″ with 1hp Pump & 6ft Hose Pack





Product Description

  • Six position 1-1/2″ multiport valve
  • Self-priming Dynamo® pump
  • One piece non-corrosive tank of superior strength and durability, in the most demanding of applications
  • Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy
  • Unionized Pump to Filter connection
The Swimming Pool Sand Filter System from Pentair has a unique blow molded manufacturing process creating a one piece, non-corrosive tank of unequaled strength and durability.

Base-mounted with a safe 6′ cord, this Swimming Pool Sand Filter System provides excellent performance at an affordable price for all sized above ground pools
Sand pool filters are the oldest and most popular method of filtration for in ground pools, above ground pools and spas. Water flows from top to bottom during normal filtration cycles and use an lateral system in the bottom of the filter to return water back to the pool or spa. Sand filters generally use #20 silica sand which is approximately .40 to .55 mm. As water passes from the top of the pool filter to the bottom, particles of dirt and debris collect on top of and in the sand bed. These pool filters do need to be cleaned on a normal basis by simply reversing the water flow through the sand. This is usually achieved with a multi-port valve on top of or on the side of the filter and is called backwashing.

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