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Here at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa our goal is to help you reclaim your backyard as a place of reconnect, that culminates an atmosphere of fun lasting memories with family and friends all year round.  Here is the Wenatchee valley we are spoiled by the array of fun activities such as hiking Saddle Rock, biking Sage Hills, or skiing up at Mission ridge or

many activities enjoyed on the great Columbia. After a fun day enjoying such beautiful activities, it can leave one’s body sore and hungry. Here at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa we can have your muscles relaxing in no time and dinner ready, fresh off the Kamaodo Joe barbecue.  Artesian spas make a great addition to your already healthy lifestyle.  Let us help you incorporate hydrotherapy as an integral part of your fitness and relaxation routine. One of the many benefits of owning an Artesian Spa, is the ability to use in your backyard all year round. Your hot tub is a place in which you can relax, enjoy health-related benefits such as improved quality of sleep, and spend quality with your family and friends. While even a simple spa can provide temporary relief from pain, reduce stress. 

Also if you’re looking to relax in your hot tub, let us take care of all the testing and maintenance so your backyard, can maintain a destination of reconnect with your family and friends.  Weather you enjoying the benefits of hot bubbling water or a dip in your pool, or a fresh brisket off the Kamado Joe BBQ we are here to serve you helping turn your backyard into your ideal oasis that friends and family will never want to leave.  We offer many hot tub services including moving hot tubs.